Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Pavement @ Brixton Acadamy 10/5/10

Surrounded by devoted Pavement fans this was a looooong evening. A full 2 hour set which I must admit, I ducked out of before the encores at 90 mins. Still - they sounded great - even though the lasting memories I have of them are of tedious festival shows. I think they really need a "venue" instead of a festival to carry the sound. Mind you, I had to stand right at the back as the bass drum was ear drum perforatingly loud. All your favourite songs were there - as were some less favourites. Trigger Cut - brilliant... Shady lane.. Zzzz... These guys still look cool too - I think you can still rock if you still have all your hair.

Not a sell out by any means - if you want to see 'em this week just pitch up at Brixton and snap up a touted ticket for peanuts. (4/5)

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