Thursday, 16 June 2011

Grass Widow @ Dalston Victoria 15/6/11

Ok i've missed a few again... but here goes. With a new venue - a nice big air con room behind the pub fitting 150 punters. The pub is a mainly west-indian clientele and the food look pretty good. Still, round the back with indie kids we get Float Reviver - a White Stripes set up of him and her. One song in and this is sounding horrific, but it must have been nerves, as soon they pick up and get a rhythmic repetetive sound going. Somewhere between Spacemen 3 and Velvet Underground. Mind you - her drumming makes Meg White look like Keith Moon. And the voice... hmmmm.

Silver Fox next... four girls who it's difficult to find anything to say about. Not bad, but no good.

Then Turn To Crime - one bloke playing guitar to a full band backing tape. He sounds good - but when so much is going on as pre-recorded it feels more like watching someone play Guitar Legends.

Headline act, Grass Widow - last night of the tour for this, another all girl band. A bit too amatuer for the sniffer, and their sound was pretty weedy. I started to daydream about cutting the grass this weekend...

Great night though 7/10