Thursday, 4 March 2010

Antlers @ Union Chapel 3/3/10

Another quiet one at the church. Holy hell my phone went off and that wasn't good. I've listened to Antler's Hospice LP a fair few times and it makes for interesting listening... a cross between Belle and Sebastian and Anthony and the Johnsons. But does it work live? Well - its ok but its not rock n roll that's for sure. It's like watching a film score played live with no film. If only there had been some visuals or a bit more stage presence as I hate to say it guys it did just become a bit, well, .... boring. Sorry guys. Maybe I'm just getting a bit impatient in my old age, but I couldn't just help but feel when does this actually start? I know it's serious subject matter boys but lighten up a bit! (3/5)

Dum Dum Girls, Veronica Falls @ Madame Jojos

First time here in a while that the place is actually packed. Of course being such a great venue you can still slip stright down the front for a great viwe of the loft stage - first up Veronica Falls, who soundpretty good for such young bunch - a demonic sounding Shop Assistants. The reverb on the vocals though is so fierce it sounds like shes singing in a oil drum in a cave. Presumably to cover up a rather flat voice...shame. Here's a video to have a little listen... (3/5)

Dum Dum Girls - well there's a lot of leg on display. A lot of long leg. But is that enough to carry it off? Well post gig on XFM she was being interviewed by John Kennedy and was just a bit giggly, saying she just started writing a few songs to fill in some hours while her old man was away. And I think it shows... they won't be progressing out of these small venues but are fun to watch. Check out those legs in the video (3/5)

Ok two 3/5's, but a great night out....

Cymbals Eat Guitars @ Hoxton Kitchen 24/2/10

Some else who insists on a slow and deliberate tuning of all 6 strings before every song. I wouldn't mind but at this volume no one is ever going to tell - 'cos ear splitting loud is the order of the day in the here. He also does an awful lot of shouting - to the point that his neck's about to explode. (2/5)