Saturday, 7 January 2012

Unterior + Toy + Sulk + Voyeurist 5/1/12 @ hoxton Kitchen

Our 2nd night at the Artrocker New Blood festival and it's all gone a bit goth. First up two piece Voyeurist - her wailing and him doing fuck all on a guitar that's buried by the overwhelming backing tape of drums and effects. Next up Sulk, a brit-pop-a-like Oasis with a Bobby Gillespie front man. This time the vocals are more reverberated than a choir in Wookey Hole. They're watchable once, but that's it. Third on are ex Jing Jang Jong members in Toy. This is more like it. A competent racket that's mesmerising and fun. Last up, Ulterior, with a front man looking like a young Andrew Eldritch you know before they start where this ones going. It's goth all the way. They keep their set down to a rapid 20 minutes which is ideal for these boys. The kids love 'em, but the sniffer sneaks out the back. (3/5)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Underground Railroad + Creatures of Love + Black Cherry + Parties @ Hoxton Kitchen 4/1/12

What a great start to any new year - the Artrocker "New Blood" festival. Two weeks of gigs for just 10 quid the lot. This is the second night - last nights was cancelled at the last minute. First up, Parties, are tight and Walkmen-like. next, Black Cheerry are a bit too poppy to be art rock - but top marks to Pauline Black-a-like for her enthusiasm and wit. Then Creatures of Love, who are uber-goth and might become tiresome if they stuck around for more than half an hour. Their image is important to them - they've brought their own lights and strobes. They just needed a mini Stonehenge. Underground Railroad are a real treat. A cool French band that lend much to Sonic Youth. (4/5)