Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Pavement @ Brixton Acadamy 10/5/10

Surrounded by devoted Pavement fans this was a looooong evening. A full 2 hour set which I must admit, I ducked out of before the encores at 90 mins. Still - they sounded great - even though the lasting memories I have of them are of tedious festival shows. I think they really need a "venue" instead of a festival to carry the sound. Mind you, I had to stand right at the back as the bass drum was ear drum perforatingly loud. All your favourite songs were there - as were some less favourites. Trigger Cut - brilliant... Shady lane.. Zzzz... These guys still look cool too - I think you can still rock if you still have all your hair.

Not a sell out by any means - if you want to see 'em this week just pitch up at Brixton and snap up a touted ticket for peanuts. (4/5)

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Deerhunter @ Heaven 6/5/10

Another band that are not that exciting on record... but live.. well I was reminded of shoe-gazing moments of the early 90's for a few songs. Long drawn out repetetive noise - which is a good thing. A long 90 mins set was perhaps pushing it a bit, but well worth seeing. (3/5)

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Drugstore @ ICA 5/5/10

A great gig build up provided by Isabel's tweets over the last few months.. gathering the new band.. rehearsals..the late bar...the Tap-esque rider.. and I think the nerves were on show a little. For some reason "the band" had instructed her to drink less and speak less on stage.. which is a real shame as half the fun of a Drugstore gig these days is the Monteiro banter and ranting. In a band which is, I suspect, a full-on dictatorship, the Monterio needs to stamp her authority pretty quick on these new guys. It's her voice and wit after all that keep Drugstore burning after all these years.

The new band was slightly shaky in places we thought, but in an endearing kind of way. A few more live shows should settle everything down to the Drugstore of old. And the new songs? As melancholic as ever....thank god. (4/5)

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Bear in Heaven @ Lexington 20/4/10

First time at the Lexington - what a great venue! Great sound.. good view, nice cosy size. I've listened to a bit of Bear in Heaven and found it quite, well, un-exciting, so wasn't expecting to be thrilled here tonight. These guys are a better live prospect than their records suggest though - a bigger sound and so much more engaging. Worth the journey for me, but I think once is enough. (3/5)

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