Friday, 21 January 2011

Besnard Lakes @ Garage 19/9/10

A nice "mature" band for a change! Despite the shitty name they're pretty good...

Jeff Lewis & Peter Stampfel @ Windmill Brixton

Ok back on track with the blog - phew!

First off, support from Lail Arad. A slightly nervous looking girl climbs on stage and starts a few songs. What a revelation! She has quirky and witty songs and the voice to deliver them. The crowd are gradually won over and she has their total focus - brilliant! (5/5)

So to Jeff & Peter ... well Peter is an out and out weirdo. A total eccentric who more or less steals the show - Jeff Lewis comes across as his carer - trying to keep him on the straight and narrow and not wander too far off topic during the many between song dialogues on everything from bottle caps, beatniks, Orgone Accumulators, Ether abuse, songs written on speed etc etc..

A cracking show- catch a date on this tour if you can. (5/5)

The Pogues @ Brixton Acadamy 22/12/10

Old hat.. yeah yeah. Still fun tho!

LCD Soundsystem & Hot Chip @ Alexandra Palace 10/11/10

What a duffer this venue is... You have to leave work on the nose to rush up there. There is no time for a pre gig pint. Then you queue up for 30 minutes to get into the venue. Then you queue for 15 minutes to get tokens for a drink. Then you queue for 15 minutes to get the drink. Then you can go into the main hall - by which time Hot Chip are just finishing.

Luckily LCD were great - before you have to leg it to get in the scrum for the limited train service back.

This is not a venue. It is a shed.

Wire @ Lexington 16/11/10

Hmm - a bunch of old geezers playing mostly new stuff? Not really that much fun.

Steve Mason @ Xoyo 21/10/10

He's preaching to the converted in this packed and sweaty venue.

David Viner @ Vortex 23/9/10

Viner has become the most nervous man in blues. It took him an age to tune his guitar before he self conciously rattled out a few songs. He should go back to his more raucous whicky drinking, belly-full-of-beer self.

The Like @ Madame Jojos 24/8/10

The Like are back as a 4 piece and slightly made over. Pretty fine.

Yes Way @ Upset the Rhythm 13/8/10

A real lo-fi gig in a derelict car showroom.

Here's Male Bonding in action..

Field day @ Victoria Park 31/7/10

A scorcher of a day... Steve mason was superb - even though he looks like a plumber. The Fall were surreal in the sun.

Bundles @ Union Chapel 19/5/10

Kimya Dawson + Jeff & Jack Lewis. Kimya was a no-show, so this was a pretty lame gig. Jeff was lost in this cavern :-(

Warpaint @ Luminaire 12/5/10

Jeez I am behind with this...