Thursday, 20 August 2009

Bill Callahan @ Union Chapel 19 August 2009

Quiet please! jeez - i was too scared to SPEAK! I can appreciate that the audience want to enjoy the man, but when you don't think you could even open a pack of crisps as it's too noisy then have we taken audience adoration too far? We got a nice spot on the balcony just above the stage so had a great few of everything going on... but at the expense of loss of vocal clarity. Enjoyable, in a chin-scratching kind of way. (3/5)

Cymbals Eat Guitars @ Windmill

Forgot about this one. I think I said "PROG!". In that I have already forgotton about them, it must be a 2/5.

Bought the ticket for Cymbals Eat Guitars at gigsniffer of course, which sniffed wegottickets