Thursday, 25 February 2010

Suede Gig at the 100 club - by AUCTION! is this the new way to sell tickets?

Just sniffed on Gigsniffer... Ticketmaster are selling tickets to this by auction. I wonder if this is the way ticket sales will go. As every gig these days sells out with half the tickets going to touts for ebaying the implication is that tickets are just not expensive enough. So can the agencies see more of the cash which is currently being raked by the touts?

It's not a route I'd like to go down - I'd much prefer we got better at anti-touting which, let's face it, is easy to do but no one wants to do it. If the venues actually took RETURNS that would be start, then there would always be some tickets on the door. The danger of the auction route is we end up paying a whopping 45 notes to see Dumpy's Rusty Nuts at the Joiners. We know this is possible as that's what Seatwave, Viagogo, Getmein etc are charging and if they're charging it then some idiot must be paying it. Ok the touts will be squeezed out but only because the agency and tout roles would be all merged into one... here we come.

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